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Realtors miss 60% of the listing opportunities in their database...that changes TODAY!

FIRST CONVERSATIONS is a mobile app that unlocks the value in your personal network. FIRST makes it easy to connect with the sellers you know, months before they list – or hear from another agent.

Have you ever had to 'update your database' with current addresses, let alone figure out who you should shamefully reach out to after 3 years of silence on your part? Yeah I know..not fun! I was privileged to speak about technology in real estate on a panel with the CEO and Director of Partnerships at FIRST, Michael Schneider and Scott Vancea respectively. (Check out my interview with Scott on YouTube)

My interest piqued when they described what they do with FIRST CONVERSATIONS mobile app (available in your app store) and the success stories of agents who have used their app to protect their database. FIRST'S A.I. powered Seller Stars put you ten steps ahead of your competition. The mobile app keeps you up to date and gets you in flow with the people in your network who need to hear from you right now.

Here's how it works: FIRST de-duplicates your contacts, flags realtors, and finds hundreds of new property addresses for your contact lists, then notifies you when they're thinking of selling, before they talk to a newly licensed Realtor in their MOM group, Yoga class, church group, or PTA! All you have to do, is have that FIRST CONVERSATION when you're notified, and're reconnected to the people who already know, like and trust you; ready to list when the time is right. PLUS there's no extra step you need to take whenever new contacts are added as the app is constantly working in the background, syncing all new contacts and constantly pulling artificial intelligence on all your contacts...all the time!

Okay - let's get to price! How much would YOU pay an assistant to stay in touch with the thousands of people in your phone (minus all the fellow Realtors)? How many hours a month would they need to work to make those phone calls, Facebook posts, Instagram comments, etc.- 10 hours/week? For only $149/month (the cost of 7 hours of assistant time/month), FIRST will monitor your list and let you know when to call, ask for a coffee meeting, and get reconnected when your people are thinking of selling.

But as a reader of this blog, you can get a discounted price of $99/month by texting "RUTH" to 919.372.0123.

No, I'm not a paid consultant. I just leveraged the opportunity for you:)

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