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Imagine buying a home just wearing a pair of glasses! Yep, it's just around the corner!


Change happens gradually...then suddenly! The face is the next battle ground for technology and it's gone from 0 - 60 in one week.

Who would have imagined having all the information you need in the palm of your hand back in 2000? Well, now you have it all on your wrist with smart watches and on your hand with Amazon's Echo Ring - #StarTrek communications baby! But when I'm speaking to real estate professionals and am asked, "What's next in tech?", there's a sense of dread that covers the room with a dark cloud. So I'm here to get you caught up and prepared. Here's what you need to know about what is next.

Amazon's ECHO FRAMES which were released on Wednesday, September 25th, on a one day limited edition, are voice activated glasses that keep Alexa in front of you...all the time. Now, these aren't virtual reality glasses, (no camera) however it's another layer for Amazon to add to their smart oven, Echo ear buds, Echo Show, Echo Flex, Echo Loop (Amazon's smart ring), etc., all of which make computing mobile. You don't need to be in a room with a device, you can control your world wherever you go. And aren't they stylish!

Facebook's VR glasses will allow you to pull up a visual display of what's in front of you so imagine looking at houses through your VR glasses, and seeing all the detail of the interior with voice activation. For now, most AR apps use a phone’s screen and camera, but the technology industry is pushing toward lightweight AR glasses.

Fewer than 1 million pairs of AR glasses will be sold in 2019, a number that could rise to over 30 million by 2023, according to an estimate from market researcher IDC. Facebook has partnered with Ray-Ban parent and eyewear giant Luxottica to develop AR glasses, with an aim to get a product to consumers by 2023 or even later.

But can technology stimulate my emotions when home buying? Yes, it's on its way! Last month, Facebook announced its acquisition of CTRL Labs, a gesture recognition start-up that promises to read electrical signals from your spinal cord and turn them into signals that computers can understand. This type of computing power will help us find houses that prompt signals that turn us on to a particular beach house or shun a cabin in the woods.

So, this is where we're headed! Be prepared - be educated and keep that emotional connection with the people who already know, trust and like you! Have questions? #JustAskRuth

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