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I've been asked by new AND seasoned agents, how do I keep my audience engaged in my emails? It's all about CONTENT. This starts with the initial statement. So let's start with the basics - Here are 6 Alternatives to the boring "Just Checking In" or "Touching Base" emails. These options allow you to communicate clearly the purpose of your 'touching base' and the timing. Specifics matter in this faced paced environment and getting straight to the point quickly will keep your audience engaged.​

  1. "I'LL CALL YOU AT" (date and time) to

  2. Gauge your progress

  3. Answer any questions

  4. Review where we started and where we are now

  5. Refine your search criteria as needed

  6. "CAN WE MEET FOR (X minutes) SOMETIME THIS WEEK (month, quarter) TO DISCUSS..."

  7. Always give two appointment options and ask for a confirmation on which is best for the recipient.

  8. Always send a calendar invite IMMEDIATELY once initially confirmed, then re confirm via phone, text and email 48 hours prior to appointment.

  9. "LET'S CHECK IN VIA (email, Skype, text, phone) ONCE (X benchmark is hit)."

  10. Set a reminder on your calendar (if possible) to make sure you follow through.

  11. "LET'S MEET AGAIN IN A (week, month) FOR (X purpose). ARE YOU FREE ON..."

  12. Use this subject following an email exchange or conversation.

  13. Because you're asking if they're available, rather than if they'd like to speak again in the first place, this soft close makes a second meeting more likely, while still giving them a choice in the matter.


  15. Whether it's a client under listing or contract or a prospect who held you off at the beginning pending another issue or conversation, this directs the recipient to respond to you. It's not a question!

  16. It would be helpful to list what your actions will be once you receive the update.

  17. "BEFORE I CAN DO X, I NEED (Y - dependency). SO DO YOU WANT TO (meet, talk, etc.) ON (date and time) SO I CAN FILL YOU IN ON HOW IT'S GOING? "

  18. Especially before a listing goes LIVE or before you take a BUYER out to show homes. Pre qualification, repairs on home, etc.

Here are a few other short options you may want to use in email or perhaps subject lines:

*Huddle about

*Speak about

*Talk through

*Share our thoughts on

*Brief each other about

*Update each other about

*Share our progress on

*Provide an overview of

*Quickly sync up about

*Fill each other in on

*Catch each other up about

*Restart our conversation about

*Noodle over

*Think out loud about

*Brainstorm ideas for

Text me if you have any feedback or other

#JustAskRuth questions that I can answer!

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